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We started CEODentist to help dental professionals realize their dreams of building a successful practice. CEO Dentist provides dental practice management marketing & consulting solutions.

We believe that you should have a practice where every member of your team thinks and operates like your partner, not just an employee.  We believe that your team should take an active role in setting goals and take personal responsibility/accountability for achieving those goals. We believe that you should have a practice where systems are executed consistently and with a commitment to detail and excellence. And we believe that your practice should run smoothly without the daily stresses of staff conflicts and drama.

We believe you should love going to work.

We are not just a dental practice management company. We combine business development with personal development skills training focused on helping you grow a culture of success and performance. Our qualified coaches will provide you with the Leadership, Business Management, Marketing, and Financial Management training needed to take your practice from good to great!

Our promise is to help you create a stunningly original dental practice that stands out from the rest. And we promise to inspire you, teach you, train you and support you every step of the way with winning practice management strategies.

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“They have walked hand-in-hand with us through our business’s ups and downs.” – Kathy Cigno

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