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We can’t teach you how to be a great dentist, but CEODentist can help you become a successful dentist and savvy CEO.

Most dentists don’t think of themselves as CEOs—and that’s a problem. Dentists typically turn over management and marketing responsibilities to underqualified staff members who often were trained in another dental practice and brought their skills and habits, good and bad, to your office. Many dentists feel Ill-equipped to run a business and they may even subconsciously feel it’s inappropriate to operate a dental practice like a profitable small-business enterprise.

In fact, to be successful, dentists must think of themselves as entrepreneurs and small business owners. And as with any small business, the founder-CEO’s clinical skills and passion for his or her profession are not enough to ensure financial success. Unless a dentist incorporates proven business management techniques, the dental practice will not thrive or reach its potential.

Many dental practice management consultants are former dentists who left their practice for any number of reasons and moved into specialty consulting. In contrast, we formed CEODentist with a strong track record in small business growth and applied those principles and techniques to dental practices with the guidance of dentists on our Advisory Board. We’ve been serving dentists and dental practices for more than thirteen years to their great benefit and success.

We’re ready to help you develop and maintain a financially successful dental practice by enhancing your leadership and business skills and putting critical systems and processes in place. We offer a variety of consulting arrangements and packages, including the 100 Day Challenge, a one-on-one, face-to-face program to quickly put the key elements of a successful practice in place, and the Virtual Academy, a 12 week live online course. Other, more focused on-site and remote arrangements are available as well.

Clients of CEODentist also have free and unlimited access to the CEODentist Vault , our repository of audio/visual downloads, training material and dental practice management tools, industry reports, and articles.

Developing personal business management skills

Our dental consulting approach is not designed to take a dentist away from the dental chair. Patients come first. But dentist-CEOs must develop certain areas of expertise and make good decisions about human resources, marketing, finances and more.

No doubt you know what skills are necessary to run a successful dental practice. They include:

  • Team building and interpersonal communication. Does your team function as a “well-oiled machine” and is that apparent to your patients? Is your work environment drama free? Is your team motivated?
  • Leadership. Are you setting the right tone and leading by example?
  • Human resource hiring and management. Do you have the right people? Are they productive right from the start?
  • Financial planning and oversight. What are the key financial indicators that show how your dental practice is doing and what areas to focus on to improve your bottom line?
  • Growing through referrals. How can you make your patients your best source of new business?

CEODentist will quickly get you on track with these and other key management skills.

Implementing optimal dental practice systems.

When done right, creating systems for your dental practice does not lead to “assembly line” service or “cookie cutter” healthcare. Systems create efficiencies and predictability that benefit your team and your patients.

All too often, dentist-CEOs create ad hoc, short term systems to match the skills and career aspirations of specific team members. Even worse, they may avoid creating systems altogether, letting the business drift from day to day. The best systems are not “busy work” adding to everyone’s workload; rather, they streamline the operation of your dental practice.

Our dental consulting services will help you:

  • Determine what functions can be systematized.
  • Design the ideal system for each function.
  • Craft the ideal staffing solution to work within your systems.
  • Document the systems.
  • Create employee buy-in for the systems.

So…what’s more important, people or systems? Both are critical, but in reality systems must come first. In fact human beings (business owners included) thrive in systems, but not in chaos!

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