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Dental Practice Management

Dental Practice Management

Dental Practice ConsultingYou’ve spent hundreds of hours and a small fortune on your medical education. Now make a small investment in your business in some very key areas—through our comprehensive 100 Day Challenge program, the Virtual Academy’s online training, and other customized consulting arrangements that focus on the dentist-CEO as well as members of his or her team.

Team Building

Dental office employees typically come from other dental practices. New employees not only bring their valuable skills but they may also carry some baggage—such as misguided expectations about their new workplace and inflexibility towards new systems. Our dental practice management team building programs get the entire staff pulling in the same direction regarding the fundamentals of your practice.

We will help your team:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of everyone’s roles.
  • View their work in terms of the systems and processes in place.
  • Commit to constantly improving the dental practice’s processes.
  • Develop the core skills that contribute to improvement.
  • Identify and analyze problems to work on.
  • Generate well-crafted solutions to those challenges.

Dental Practice Management Interpersonal Communication

Business owners who communicate effectively with their teams always have a marketplace advantage. Unfortunately, when we add individual attitudes, language, personality types, cultural diversity, emotions, perspectives, upbringing, and intentions to the mix, effective communication becomes far more complex.

We teach dental teams the many elements of effective communication, including:

  • Dealing with difficult people.
  • Powerful listening skills.
  • Alignment with co-workers’ outcomes.
  • The mindset of a great communicator.
  • Overcoming incongruent self-communication.
  • Breaking the cycle of ineffective communication.

Business Planning & Goal Setting

Why do people resist setting personal and professional goals? There are many reasons…none of them are good.

  • Fear of failing to accomplish the goals
  • Lack of confidence in their ability to set and achieve goals
  • Fear of success as it may bring about unwanted change
  • Being consumed with busywork and never getting around to goal setting

CEODentist’s business planning and goal setting training is designed to help dentist-CEOs dig deep to identify their unique goals, own these goals, and experience the benefits of goal setting in all areas of their personal and professional lives.

This training will help you through the process of developing and leveraging SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and with Timelines) which:

  • Motivate you to action
  • Move you in positive directions in your dental practice and personal life
  • Enable you to easily identify and avoid distractions
  • Provide strategies to measure progress
  • Provide a rewards system that promotes further action and achievement
  • Help you to create more effective plans and daily to-do lists

Front-Line Leadership

The best leaders lead by example, not control. Our dental practice consultants will work with you and your staff to:

  • Shift your approach from a supervisory role to a leadership role.
  • Craft and articulate a Mission Statement and the associated values and behaviors.
  • Inspire commitment and outstanding performance within your team.
  • Learn to work on your practice rather than in your practice.
  • Shift from busywork to strategic work that builds a solid business foundation.
  • Identify and plan long-term goals, including expansion and exit strategies.
  • Learn communication and technical skills to address immediate business challenges.

Human Resources

As with any small business, a strong case can be made that a dental practice’s people are its most valuable asset. But human resource management doesn’t come easily to very many dentist-CEOs. All too often, hasty and ill-advised hiring decisions, combined with team member interpersonal conflicts, create a toxic atmosphere that is apparent to any patient that walks in the door.

CEODentist’s HR dental practice management approach guides dentist-CEOs through many critical people-related issues.

Hiring and Onboarding. CEODentist’s dental practice management consultants will help you implement systems and master important skills regarding critical hiring functions.

  • Creating position descriptions to complement the dental practice’s systems.
  • Advertising and recruiting to generate the best pool of applicants.
  • Interviewing techniques to uncover the real essence of the applicant.
  • Negotiating to create win-win situations.
  • Training and orienting new employees so they are productive right from the start.
  • Maximizing employee focus and efficiencies with a comprehensive, digestible employee manual.

Identifying a dental practice associate. Combining forces with an associate to expand your dental practice is an important and complex step that can make or break your company. Too often dentist-CEOs look for kindred spirits as their business associates rather than someone with complementary skill sets that can take the practice to a higher level.

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