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“My staff and I think they are the most approachable and caring dental consultants we have ever worked with. I plan to have an extremely long term relationship with them.” – Dr. Sam and Christine Cigno

CEODentist offers dental practice management that helps each doctor reach the heart of their practice in order to bring their vision for their work and life to fruition.

The ideas, concepts, and processes we teach are not new. They are principles, laws. They have been tested by individuals and practices around the world and their success is documented. These principles are not on trial. They also are not complicated or difficult to implement. The principles resonate with people, they make sense, and they work!

We align your goals with our approach in order to:

  1. Increase effectiveness (efficiency and productivity) in the workplace
  2. Position your practice as the dental care provider of choice in your community
  3. Make a difference in the personal lives of you and your team members
"The follow through is tremendous. We know that what has been promised will be delivered.”

Through one-on-one dental practice consulting with the doctor and team, we get to the core of your personal and professional goals, and then incorporate those goals into the plan for building your team and your practice. As your dental office consultant, we take the time to understand you, your team, your stories and your struggles – all to uncover what is needed to reach the heart of your practice and bring your vision to life.

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