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Dental Practice Marketing

Dental Practice Marketing - Growing by referral

Dental Practice Marketing

A dental practice owner has two fundamental options when it comes to building his or her base of clients: external marketing or internal marketing.

Many dental practice owners rely heavily on external practice marketing tactics such as flyers, direct mail and other types of paid advertising. Unless you’re a “scratch” practice (in this case the marketing strategy is quite different) or you are the only dental practice marketing in your city, town or neighborhood, then it’s a good bet that these advertising efforts are simply noise and a waste of money. Instead, you need to build a strategy that leverages your most valuable asset: your current patient base.

Building your practice through an internal marketing focus should be the direction and goal of every dental practice. Internal marketing is a natural outgrowth of providing exceptional service—your number one operational goal. Internal dental practice marketing means:

  • Significantly higher patient treatment acceptance
  • Repetitive systems for quality care
  • Patient retention/Patients for life
  • Growing through referrals/Raving fans!

Internal “referral” marketing is virtually cost-free and credible. After all, a satisfied patient is a more effective spokesperson for your dental practice than you can ever be.

“Locking up your neighborhood” through internal marketing strategies should be the goal of every dental practice. CEODentist’s dental practice management consultants will work with you and your staff to put this incredible dental practice marketing strategy in place, guiding you through the process of motivating patients to be your best salespeople.

Internal dental practice marketing also means focusing on patient retention—developing “patients for life.” We’ll help you implement dental practice marketing techniques that lead to lasting relationships that keep patients coming back. You’ll create a culture in which patients love visiting your practice, are committed to you and your team and promote your dental practice to their friends and family.

Patients for life want to see you succeed and they’ll take an active role in your success. There is a proven framework of sustainable systems that will result in delivering top-notch service to each patient you serve—on time, every time.

  • Develop systems that turn occasional patients into patients for life.
  • Understand the long-term value of your patient and how to leverage that in every interaction and every touch point for maximum profitability.
  • Develop a culture that empowers your employees to deliver an extraordinary level of service.
  • Incorporate patient feedback into your strategic planning.
  • Leverage the power of emotion, the factor that really influences a patient’s buying decisions.
  • Optimize your internal management processes to be systems-dependent, not people-dependent.


What do companies like Starbucks and Apple have in common? In addition to offering premium products and services, they have created a premium brand. Their names are synonymous with trust, quality, vision, values, leadership, etc. People see their logo or hear their name, and they know what to expect when doing business with these companies.

Between building your practice and attracting new patients, the idea of establishing a brand can get overlooked. Now you can build a foundation for your brand with help from our proven dental practice marketing approach. CEODentist offers dental practice marketing solutions that will help you to get clarity around your company name, logo and marketing materials to establish a cohesive look and a strong voice.

With the help of CEODentist, you, too, can define your place among world class companies. Yes, you can aim that high and create your own lasting brand image that drives awareness of your dental practice and enables you to meet your business objectives.

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