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Gain Control Of The Business Side Of Your Practice: Virtual Academy

Business Acumen

Dentists and their teams sign up for our CEODentist Virtual Academy because they are ready to build a solid foundation for their practice. They know how to look at the practice from a clinical angle but they’re not sure how to run it like a business.

Why CEO Dentist Virtual Academy?
The CEO Dentist Virtual Academy teaches doctors how to direct their business instead of allowing it to become something that just happens to them. Most practices don’t have a formal marketing plan in place. We can help them build one. Most practices don’t understand the metrics of their own business. We can help with that too.

Many team members are uncomfortable talking cost with patients or they don’t know how to handle insurance objections. We cover all of this in the Virtual Academy.

The Value of the Virtual Academy
The CEO Dentist Virtual Academy provides a ton of value. First off, you always have access to us. The beginning of every 90-minute session is dedicated to reviewing any questions that have come in via email over the week. It’s like an interactive FAQ followed up with another hour and fifteen minutes of actual training.

Any of the forms discussed during the session are delivered electronically. You have access to everything. Additionally, you can do the training on your own time. We record every session so if you can’t join in right at the scheduled start time, or if you miss the session entirely, you can go back and listen whenever you want.

One of the best things about the Virtual Academy is that you can have your whole team involved in the program at no extra cost. There’s no travel to pay for, no missed workdays. It’s a very economical way of training yourself and your team.

You also get three 30-minute personal coaching calls in addition to the 12 group sessions. We use these calls to review each practice’s specific metrics, goals and needs.

What People Are Saying About the CEO Dentist Virtual Academy

"As dentists, we spend a majority of our education focusing on science, never developing our business acumen. This prepares us for half of real-world practice. CEO Dentist supplements our clinical education with focused business training and strategies specific to a dental practice rounding out our team's education and increasing efficiency." 

- Benjamin Harrell D.D.S., M.B.A.

"I have found the CEO Dentist Virtual Academy valuable to stay focused on the things in my practice that matter to grow my business. It has helped me recognize the little things that additively affect the performance of my practice, while also recognizing that every detail either fits or doesn't fit my vision for the practice. I feel my practice’s vision has been improved by participating."  

- Charles M Zieba, DDS

Sign Up NOW For Added Value
In addition to the 12-group sessions and 3-private coaching calls, your registration includes a one-year membership to The Vault, our online database of all the forms, materials and videos that we go over during the Virtual Academy.

If you’re ready to start running your practice like a CEO, click here  and register for the Virtual Academy today.

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